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The term ‘employer benefits’ covers a wide range of perks, from retirement plans and dental care to paid time off and stock investment opportunities. Offering employer benefits to employees can help businesses achieve a variety of positive results, including boosted morale and productivity, enhanced employee well-being, and a company culture known for a good work-life balance. On top of this, some employee benefits can also offer tax incentives to businesses.

A clearly communicated benefits and remuneration strategy can help to recruit and retain high-calibre employees, which is why they’re so important to get right. At Lester Brunt, we have years of experience creating tailored employee benefit plans that align with all kinds of company objectives. One of our advisers will spend time with you to get a deep understanding of your business, before developing a corporate services strategy to help your company run exactly as you envisaged.

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Employer benefits that make the everyday run smoothly

Benefit schemes can also show that employers will be there to support workers through a range of life events. These include parental leave, childcare vouchers that are deducted pre-tax, and critical illness cover.

As a business, your employee benefit packages should aim to help workers feel recognised as individuals, which will ultimately work in favour of the business as a whole. One of our advisers will help you build a detailed and personalised strategy that aligns with your business plans while recognising the needs of your employees. We’ll also provide you with advice from a range of product providers, which are carefully selected and monitored by St. James’s Place.

Employer benefits with accessible information


In an age where the online world is at our fingertips, why shouldn’t your wealth management be there as well? Our Online Services allow you to access all your wealth investments in one smart place. Whether you’re already registered, or just about to, here are some great features that can help you get the most from your online account.

Online registration:

Registering for Online Services with an activation code allows instant access. If you haven’t got a code, please contact your adviser. Registering online ensures all information is password protected.

Set your preferences:

Set your communication preferences to receive your digital reports and electronic correspondence.


Make online debit card payment for ISA and any JISA top ups with a debit card

linked to your account, on demand and at a time that suits you. Make payments to Unit Trusts, Retirement Accounts and new ISAs. (Speak to your adviser in order to get this process started) View the value of your investments in a range of currencies and see a breakdown of

this valuation. Instant notifications when a new document is available to view.

For every client opting for paperless correspondence, St. James’s Place will donate £5,to the St. James’s Place Charitable Foundation.

The value of an investment with St. James’s Place will be directly linked to the performance of the funds you select and the value can therefore go down as well as up. You may get back less than you invested.

The favourable tax treatment of ISAs may not be maintained in the future and is subject to changes in legislation.

Investing in their future:

Less well-known is that children can also have a pension fund as soon as they are born – and setting one up can bring significant tax advantages. Even if your child is a non-taxpayer, they will still get basic-rate tax relief on contributions. That means a maximum of £2,880 a year is automatically grossed up to take account of tax at 25%, giving an annual investment of £3,600

What we offer

Our employer benefit advice

No matter your vision for your business, we will help you create an employer benefit package that your company can be proud of. You’ll be left confident that you’re properly looking after your staff, and in turn, taking care of your business.

Review of existing pension schemes

Our advisers can provide guidance on your duties as an employer and help you engage with your employees through pension scheme reviews. This can also help make sure that both you and your employees are getting the most out of saving for the future.

Salary sacrifice arrangements

Salary sacrifice arrangements can help employees pay for a range of schemes, from childcare to greener transport, straight from their salary before tax is deducted. This facilitates employee access to tax-efficient benefits while reducing employers’ National Insurance costs at the same time.

The levels and bases of taxation and reliefs from taxation can change at any time. The value of any tax relief depends on individual circumstances.

Flexible benefits

You can allow employees to create a benefits package that meets their individual needs, showing that your company values each person for the unique qualities and experiences that they bring to your business.

Online total reward statements

You can help your employees to understand and appreciate the cost of the benefits you provide by making all of the options easy to see, adjust, and cash in.

Private medical insurance

A particularly favourable option for many prospective employees, providing access to private medical care can also help your existing workforce be more productive. You’ll be looking after your employee’s health and well-being whilst reducing absences from work while waiting for medical treatment.

Group Life, Income Protection and Critical Illness

Insurance cover packages are important benefits that not only form a key part of a comprehensive employee benefits package, but also enable you to manage your business more effectively.

Employer benefits with accessible information

Setting up employer benefits can feel like a huge challenge when you don’t have access to clear, accessible information and the right resources.

At Lester Brunt, we focus on building employer benefit strategies with your business that are simple for both you and your employees to understand, meaning everyone knows what they’re getting with no hidden catches. We want you to feel confident in what you can offer employees, while working within the framework of your business.

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