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What Is Corporate Planning? A Comprehensive Guide To How Our Wealth Management Team Can Help Your Business

No matter what size your business is, whether you are just starting up or are celebrating your 20th anniversary of trading, corporate planning is a vital part of the business. The mark of a successful business is regular assessment of the corporate plan in place, but this can be time-consuming.

Getting help with your plan or part of your plan will ease the pressure on you and keep your business running smoothly. While some aspects might need your direct involvement, the financial side of corporate planning is a part where a helping hand can make a world of difference, taking tasks off your plate so that you can put your time and energy into growing your business.

What Is Corporate Planning?

Corporate planning is a broad term that covers the strategic management of a business. It usually outlines goals, objectives and actions for a specific timeframe. It is used to assess the success of a company and determine the future direction.

Corporate planning typically includes:

  • Mission and vision statements – What does your company aim to do, and what is its vision for the long term?
  • Environmental Analysis – What internal and external factors will impact your success? What is the competitive landscape currently? What are market trends?
  • SWOT Analysis and Strategy Development – What are the strengths and weaknesses of the business? What opportunities are there, and what are the threats? How can you address these?
  • Goal Setting and Performance Measurement – What will you use to measure succss? What are your aims?
  • Resource Allocation – What are your resources, and where are they being allocated?
  • Risk Management – What are the risks to your business and your goals?

There is a lot to corporate planning, which is why help in some areas can provide many benefits to you and your company.

Why Is It Important?

A corporate plan helps keep your business on track to achieve the goals and mission set out. It also ensures that those running the business and in senior positions are all aligned with the intentions, which will direct their actions.

Financial planning is a vital part of a company’s corporate plan because it is key to helping your business grow, yet finances can quickly become complicated as you expand. The right plan in place can help you build financial security for the long term.

Taking time out from running the business will allow you to allocate funds appropriately, meaning the demands of the business can be met, and you don’t waste money on areas that aren’t performing. It is also a time to evaluate day-to-day operations such as cash flow, pensions, benefits, and investment opportunities.

How Can Lester Brunt Help?

Having a wealth management company such as Lester Brunt assist with your corporate planning has many benefits. We know that running a business is stressful and takes up a lot of time, so our range of corporate services aims to take some of the stress away from you while providing you and your business peace of mind.

We have a variety of services available, so we can assist you in any way you might need.

Auto-Enrolment Pension

As an employer, it is your responsibility to comply with UK auto-enrolment pension regulations. Our team of specialists can help you understand the details of these regulations so that your employees don’t miss out and you are fully compliant.

The process will begin with one of our advisers getting to know your business and existing pension schemes to develop a bespoke Qualifying Pension Scheme strategy. The process is focused on making the complicated simple so that you and your partners understand what is being done and why. We will be with you every step of the way so you can be confident in the strategy put in place.

Corporate Investment Planning

There are many benefits to corporate investing, which our experts will discuss with you.

Investments are a great way to boost your revenue, but this strategy will only help if done properly. The team at Lester Brunt will get to know you and your business and work with you to create an investment plan that works for you, thinking about your goals, objectives and risk tolerance.

Company Benefits Advice

Company benefits are part of creating a company culture, so getting these right can help make a happy work environment with your employees.

We can help you develop a benefit plan that maximises the benefits you offer, ensuring it is cost-effective.

Employee and Employer Benefits

Attracting employees is now reliant on offering benefits, so to make sure you stand out from the crowd you need to offer interestingemployee benefits.

As an employee, it can be difficult to understand what the benefits are and which ones you qualify for. So, we work with employers and employees to ensure everyone comprehends what they are entitled to.

We are also able to advise on a range of employer benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, life insurance and disability insurance.

Business Exit Planning

While you might envision many years to come leading the way for your business, it is always smart to have an exit plan in place. This strategy will ensure a smooth leaving process as and when the time comes.

A business exit plan can be complex and include several steps. Advisers such as the team at Lester Brunt, can assist you in developing a strategy and carrying it out when you need it. Employing us to help will give you peace of mind that nothing is missed and you leave as you intended to.

Get The Right Guidance Today

Corporate planning includes many different areas, and as a business, you might not need assistance with every aspect.

Lester Brunt offers a bespoke service, getting to know you and your business first so that we can provide value where you need it.

We know that time is of the essence when you are running a business, which is why we deal with everything in simple terms so that you understand what we are saying the first time we say it – no repetition is needed, saving time.

If you are interested in any of our corporate planning services, speak to our friendly team to arrange a no-obligation consultation where we can discuss your needs and our services.

Call us on 01202 695 801 or complete our contact form today.

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Written By Toby Winyard

Financial Adviser

Lester Brunt Wealth Management

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