I absolutely love my job. I'm so passionate about helping people, I have found what I was made to do in life.

I'm so passionate about people, especially helping people with their money. Working with clients gives me huge satisfaction. Even if it's just helping someone with a question, and they get the answer. It's not about managing money, it's about helping people to understand what their future might look like. I am a holistic adviser which means I cover all aspects of financial planning, but if I had to choose a favourite product to work on, I am passionate about helping clients with their pensions. I love a pension because they're so versatile and I think a lot of clients are scared of them. So I like the fact that I can put their mind at ease about what their pension can and can't do for them, what direction it can go in and how they can achieve what they'd like to achieve in their future.

"It's not just about managing money, it's about helping clients to understand what their future might look like."

Catherine Scard

Outside work

When I’m not working, I can be found out and about with my family. As an ex-travel agent, I do love a family holiday! Whether that’s Centerparcs, Legoland or Disney World we all look forward to spending time together. Helping answer questions and building futures is what it’s all about. My days are very busy, balancing mum-life around zoom calls, school drop-offs, exam prep, client meetings, and taking the kids to football practise, swimming lessons or ballet rehearsals. Luckily, I can’t wait to wake up in the morning and do it all over again!

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