I absolutely love people, so for me, the best part of the job is sitting with clients, and hearing them talk about their futures.

Understanding what makes people tick, what gets them up in the morning is the first step to helping them plan for the future they want. I love finding solutions and I love learning about people, that's what my life has always been about. I truly enjoy building relationships, finding solutions and delivering a tailored solution to each client. I like having a plan - and that stems back from my marketing days- I like finding out what clients want to achieve in the short term future and where they're actually heading in the bigger picture. Anything I can do to help my clients get there is a joy.

My goals are to never stop learning. I aim to keep on top of the game, to make the best-educated choices for clients. I'm not wanting to shy away from a challenge and I think it's important that clients challenge me, and that I can potentially challenge them for the best positive outcome.

"I'm really proud of what I've achieved with my change of career because it’s no mean feat. If you've got a passion, it doesn't matter what age you are, just follow it because age shouldn't be a barrier. "

Debbie Smith

Outside work

Outside of work, family means everything to me. I have two grown children and a husband, and they are my world. We make a great team! We are always doing things together and I’ve recently started playing tennis with my son. We go on lots of holidays together, most recently we visited some vineyards in Croatia and sampled some fantastic wine!

What i'm passionate about

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Victoria Taylor

Client Support Team Leader


Olivia Bell

Client Support Specialist


Roman Farion

Client Support Specialist


Gemma O'Neill

Client Support Specialist




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