I get to help people and make a positive difference for my clients.

Understanding your finances is the key to getting the most out of them. I like helping people by educating them on what their finances actually are, what are the pitfalls in not acting, the benefits and potential of doing something. A lot of people don't fully understand their finances and sitting down and explaining their situation to them enables them to plan and make the right decision for their future. Being able to tell someone that they could retire now when they didn't think they could, is a really nice message to give. Setting out my client’s objectives and helping to attain them, through education and smart decision making, is really satisfying, and something I take immense pride in.

"Telling someone that they could potentially retire now when they didn't think they could is one of the best pieces of news to share."

Ryan O'Connell

Outside work

I am a Manchester United supporter, a Formula One fan and a Poole speedway season ticket holder. If I didn't work as an adviser I would love to work with cars, ideally as a racing driver! Whilst the fast-paced adrenaline thrill of racing appeals to me, I am equally happy at home, watching films or going for nice walks with my wife Kate, and our Daughter, Lily. I also really enjoy my music, it either helps get me ready for the day or it helps chill me out, which can be important sometimes when you're driving a lot of miles to see clients.

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