I like being an adviser because of the difference I make to people

It's not always easy to quantify the difference you can make to an individual. You don't always see the benefit in real-time - you see the development in stages - but you get to see the journey clients take and where they end up. The best part of the job is seeing this genuine difference and improving the quality of life for clients. Being able to make a positive change whilst meeting lots of diverse people, from a complete range of backgrounds and just playing a part in helping them and making that difference is really important to me.

"It's hard to quantify the difference you make sometimes, you don't always see the benefit because you're not there all the time. You see the journey. Just making that difference - that's important to me"

Alexander Redman

Outside work

I have a short-term goal to keep taking new qualifications and expanding my expertise. I've just started my level six qualification, my route to becoming chartered, so I've got to start reading through the material, which should be interesting.

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