I describe my job as the satnav that helps clients get from point A to Z on their journey.

Helping clients on their financial journey is the biggest honour there is. I help clients reach their financial goals. I like to describe my job as the satnav that helps clients get from point A to Z on their journey, taking them from where they are now, to where they want to be in the future. To watch someone reach the point in their life that you've helped them plan towards - there's no better reward than that. The satisfaction of knowing that you have helped with a problem- whether they know they've got the problem or not, and finding a solution is huge. I enjoy fixing problems and take a personal approach to find solutions that provide a genuine, positive change to my clients' daily lives. I am passionate about attaining the best approach to help each client understand and then take control of their finances so that they can create a plan to fund their future.

"There's no better reward than watching someone reach the point in their life that you've helped them plan towards. "

Bodie Dove

Outside work

Outside of work, my life revolves around my children. Whether it’s doing the school run or joining in with their taekwondo lessons, I work and live for my kids, and they are ingrained into my work/life routine. In my spare time, I’m also passionate about helping my local cancer charity, I play in the annual Friends Fighting Cancer football tournament and help to raise much-needed funding for their local grants scheme.

What i'm passionate about

Financial Education

One of my passions is Financial Education. This is a crucial area of learning which has a particularly heavy impact on the financial futures of young people. Without a fundamental understanding of managing money, many young people get themselves into significant financial difficulties when they leave college and university. By delivering our free workshops to schools and businesses in my local area, I hope to make a positive impact on people’s lives. Financial education enhances financial wellbeing and prepares students to understand and manage their income, potentially alleviating one of the major contributors to an individual’s stress; personal financial uncertainty, which impacts psychological wellness.

Financial Planning

I really enjoy helping people to create their own personal road maps to achieve their financial goals, taking them from where they are today to where they want to be in the future. Watching my clients reach their goals and objectives is one of the most rewarding parts of my job and something that I am very proud of.

Making a Difference

My boyhood dream was to become a fireman and be a real-life superhero, unfortunately, due to colour vision deficiency in my eyes, that dream was not meant to be. So after several years of working in various sales roles, I made the decision to become a Financial Adviser. I wanted to help people to achieve their hopes and dreams, whether they were to get on the property ladder, plan for their retirement or prepare for long-term care, I wanted to be in a position to help. By providing financial advice to my clients and delivering financial education in my local community, I hope I can help to make a difference.


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